Tay Sachs Disease Symptoms

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Tay Sachs disease is a genetic disorder that is inherited from one of the parents. The first signs of Tay Sachs disease can emerge right after birth or can be observed after about seven months. Tay Sachs disease manifests through muscular atrophy and twitches, vision and hearing problems. Muscular twitches can also be very painful and the baby can have crisis that affect his life. These crisis that are caused by Tay Sachs disease may emerge anytime. The sad part is that Tay Sachs disease has no cure, but only a treatment that helps patients have less muscular pain and less crisis. Throughout time, as the baby grows up, Tay Sachs disease leads to blindness and deafness. The most severe symptoms of Tay Sachs disease are swallowing inability, paralysis and if the crisis is more severe, the child can even die. This can be caused by the respiratory muscles that paralyse and stop breathing.

It is very difficult to be the parents of a child with Tay Sachs disease, so the best thing is to have the necessary tests to make sure that none of the parents have the gene that causes this disease. Or, in case the mother is already pregnant and the tests show that the baby will suffer from Tay Sachs disease, the pregnancy can be interrupted through an abortion. As there is no cure for Tay Sachs disease yet and there are not known too many things about its causes, a baby that suffers from Tay Sachs disease usually survives until the age of four, so death is imminent. It is a gradually death, very painful both for child and parents.

Under these circumstances, parents should go to a psychologist to help them get over this difficult time in their life and come to accept the idea that their child will be gone some day. It is very difficult to do that and so all parents end up suffering a lot and recovering very hard after the death of their child.

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