Dealing with Tay-Sachs Disease

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Tay-Sachs disease is a very unfortunate condition. The reason this condition is so severe is that there is currently no cure for it. Although this condition will currently take someone’s life, significant efforts are being made to find a way to combat this disease.

The other significant reason why this condition is so tragic is because it normally occurs in children. Although the odds of a child having this condition are not great, there are symptoms that can make it clear if a child does have this condition. The first is that a child may suffer from seizures. The next is that behaviors such as crawling or smiling no longer occur as often. Another sign of this disease is that the child stops making eye contact as often. One of the symptoms that can confirm a child has Tay-Sachs disease is if their head increases in size but the rest of their body grows slowly.

As this condition gets worse, it can lead to more severe symptoms like loss of vision or hearing. Because all of these symptoms can also be signs of other conditions, if you notice any of them in your child, it’s important to have them evaluated by your doctor. Even if your child is fortunate enough not to have Tay-Sachs disease, they may have another condition that requires medical attention.

Although there is no way to cure a child who has been diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease, your doctor will be able to help provide medical care to your child to make them as comfortable as possible.

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