Tay Sachs Disease – A Very Rare Genetic Disorder

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Tay Sachs disease is a genetic disorder that gradually destroys the cells from the brain and from spinal area. Tay Sachs disease is one of the rarest health issues and its main cause is the lack of an important enzyme called Hexosaminidase A. Without it, the body cannot function properly, so as an effect of it, the mental health is damaged ad those who suffer from this disease will have severe mental problems. There are not yet known many things about Tay Sachs disease. This disease causes a fat storage that begins to affect the possibility of movement and of thinking of those who suffer from Tay sachs disease, so their life becomes very difficult and they feel worse.

In case his both parents carry a certain gene, then a baby will suffer from Tay Sachs disease, so is an inherited health issue. Tay Sachs disease symptoms are observed by the age of six months and the baby usually survives up to four years, but there is no cure for this health problem yet. Tay Sachs disease is very hard as there interfere psychological problems, as well as physical, so for a parent who has a baby that suffers from Tay Sachs disease is very sad as he knows that in the end his kid will die. A child that makes no eye contact with his parents, might be a symptom of Tay Sachs disease, but only the right medical tests will tell the right answer, so until then, nothing is sure.

Moreover, a red and visible spot on the retina is also a symptom of the Tay Sachs disease, but this is not enough as it can be an opthalmologic problem, so there is a a great need for having all necessary medical tests to make sure that is or not Tay Sachs disease. The fatty tissues that grow in the brain affect its cells causing their death, step by step. Tay Sachs disease is a very rare genetic disease and there is no cure for it, but scientists and doctors still search for  remedy, hoping that one day the lives of many children will be saved.

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