Tay Sachs Disease Treatment

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Tay Sachs disease is a condition commonly formed by babies. The disease is a genetic disorder that affects the mental and physical abilities of a child starting with the age of six months. Tay Sachs disease can lead to the death of a child by the age of four. In most cases, when the Tay Sachs disease is developed by a child, the baby will become blind, deaf and also unable to swallow. The cruel reality is that Tay Sachs is a disease developed due to the inheritance of some defect genes from both parents, so prevention can hardly be done. However, all parents should be tested the moment when they decide to have a child, for specialists to establish is they are genetic carriers.

The unfortunate reality is that there is no type of treatment that can cure Tay Sachs disease. Even if they receive the best medical care and support, children who have been diagnosed with the Tay Sachs disease will die before turning four. Although support and treatment management can be applied to confer support to a patient, the evolution of Tay Sachs disease cannot be decreased or stopped. Unfortunately, no matter the type of treatment administered, the process cannot be reversed. Researchers are still trying to find a cure for Tay Sachs disease and experimental work in this domain will surely continue, although no revolutionary findings have been discovered yet. Patients can however be submitted to some treatments that are aimed to offer them support and reduce the symptoms experienced.

Medication can be prescribed with this purpose, but respiratory care and feeding tubes can also be recommended for children with severe respiratory issues. Physical therapy can help children maintain their ability to move. Family support is also needed to help parents cope with the fact that their child is suffering from Tay Sachs disease. All types of treatments known today can only ease symptoms of Tay Sachs disease, but they cannot delay or reverse the process. This is the main reason why parents should try to prevent the occurrence of the Tay Sachs disease, by being tested before conceiving a child.

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