Tay Sachs Disease – online facts and information

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Known as the frightening and extremely rare genetic disease that literally destroys your whole nervous system, Tay Sachs Disease typically shows up due to the enzyme beta-hexosaminidase A is absent in the body. Any person afflicted by Tay Sachs Disease experience a malfunction of their brain cells because the body accumulates fatty compounds in the brain cells and in the tissues. The mental capacity and overall growth of the patient is the area that is mostly affected.

Something else you need to know is that Individuals suffering from this debilitating disease eventually become deaf and blind. What’s more, patients experience face muscle atrophy that will in time cause paralysis. Because Tay Sachs Disease is a genetic disorder, it can only be inherited from either their our mother or father. This genetic disorder impacts a child from the moment they are born. Symptoms can lie dormant for up to seven months. You may notice muscle twitches during that period. From birth until around a year old, babies tend to suffer a break down in motor skills.

As time passes, Tay Sachs Disease becomes more and more intense resulting in vision and hearing loss. There is no known cure or effective treatments for Tay Sachs Disease. The only course of action to try and make the patient as comfortable as possible by minimizing the symptoms with prescription medicine. Certain meds are able to greatly reduce pain and cut down on muscle twitching. Family support is critical for individuals entering into the late stages of the disease. Getting genetic counseling is highly recommended for Tay-Sachs patients who are planning to get married or considering becoming parent.

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